RRP £1299.00


Brand Roux. Type Electric.  Frame Material Alloy. Suspension Front Suspension.  Wheel Size 27.5” Gears 7 . Brake Type Disc Maximum Speed 16mph Maximum Range 50 miles.

Electric pedal assist bikes open a whole new world of opportunity, and easy travel. With a legal top speed of assistance around 16 mph (25kmh) and a legal maximum motor power of 250W the hub drive can give you a realistic journey range of up to 50 miles, depending on the assistance and speed that you choose. The Roux Big Slick Electric Bike has low rolling resistance tyres to maximise your comfort and safety.

The Roux Big Slick has a Samsung removable lithium ion battery integrated into its oversized down tube on the all alloy frame, this can be recharged on the bike or can be detached and recharged. The 7 speed Shimano gearing allows you to select your most comfortable pedalling speed.

The Schwalbe Big Ben puncture resistant tyres and disc brakes all round help inspire confidence. Light alloy front suspension forks absorb vibration as well as bigger hits. This Roux Big slick is one of the latest electric bike designs available giving very effective help, it will transform your riding experience making your journey much easier and pleasurable.

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